Together with our business partners with whom we maintain deep and long term business relationships, we provide all spare parts and machines – both for the maintenance of running plants or as an equipment supplier for projects. Specially gears and cranes, in close collaboration with Flender, Siemens, ABUS and DEMAG

Get What You Need Need Just On Time


Fast and economic means of transport, minimum administrative and representation costs.


We maintain our own office and packing personnel, guaranteeing that your orders are packed suitably so that they arrive at their destination without mishapes.

Control & Quality

We work with companies like the SGS CONTROL CO, Caleb & Brett, GERMAN LLOYD, etc. to carry out product quality inspections, if additional assurance is needed or the client wishes it.

International Connection

We offer, fundamentally, material, spare parts and products of European and North American origin – all of first quality with post sale service on the purchase of equipment and industrial machinery. We can also provide replacements to non-European equipment or machinery due to our ample international connection.

Worldwide, just on time

From Spain across Asia, Middle East, Central and South America as well as in the Caribbean, we offer a variety of machinery, from a single specific machine to a complete production line tailored to your needs. Our long experience in foreign markets and a wide and deep cooperation with our suppliers and manufacturers, has enabled us to gain a deep knowledge, which allows us to share this with our clientele, in order to obtain the best solutions, no matter if they are simple industrial processes or complex automatic production lines.

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